Welcome to The Deluge

Thanks for taking part of my campaign and I’d like to thank everyone’s patience and support. I am glad that this campaign can finally come to fruition.

The Deluge will be based on a homebrew Modern Magic setting based around a mix of themes from D&D and Shadowrun, but mostly borrowing the flexible rules from D&D5e. Please note that there are some articles that are still unfinished and those links will show up in orange.
I’ll be updating this site periodically with new articles as you all help me shape and populate this world. (And hopefully I can commit to Adventure logs!) Please make sure to throw any suggestions my way.

Please check out the resources below for character creation or proceed to the wiki’s Main Page for all lore/information articles for the campaign.

Here are some resources for the campaign:
Classes and Races Modern Flair
D&D 5e Core Rulebooks
D&D Modern Magic Supplement



South Ante-Florida (click here for full resolution)

The Deluge