The Deluge

The Deluge -- Log File 001 -- Team Alpha


At approximately 3PM standard time, 4 agents rendezvoused for a data heist with known Fixer Kostas Parker. At 3:15PM agents began infiltration of the law firm, ALM LAW. Agent Viz entered under guise of serving court documents, followed by Era and Earthborg claiming to be computer technicians. Through a series of bumbling errors the building’s guardperson was succesfully distracted while Karen Fromfinanc√© entered the security room of ALM LAW and disabled many of its’ alarms and locks, even locking in additional security personnel in a descending elevator. Karen succesfully convinced the original security guard that she was injured and in dire need of help while other agents continued to retrieve data from ALM LAW servers. Karen trips the fire alarms of the building, thus causing a commotion as many try to flee the building. Luckily, earthborg throws a smoke grenade that succesfully convinced others that the area was unaproachable and the source of the supposed fire. Agents succesfully exited the ALM law building at 3:39PM.

Agents now rendezvoused with Kostas to collect their reward, but were instead confronted by a group of Asian humans that claimed to be carrying out Kostas’s wishes. Suspicious, yet handsomely rewarded, agents contact Kostas directly. Kostas eventually calls back the agents and requests immediate assistance at his location, revealing his base of operations and breaching Fixer protocol. Once the agents arrived, they find Kostas being carried away by Asian thugs from earlier. Agents follow Kostas’s escort and confront the vehicle on an empty stretch of Iota 75. Agents eliminate several Asian thugs and retrieve Kostas, revealed to be a shell of the presumed real Kostas with unknown whereabouts.



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