Metro-Dade is the name of the region once known as The Greater Miami Area of Miami-Dade. It was once the seat of the second most populous city on the Eastern Coast of The United States of America. Miami was one of the few major American cities not struck with direct nuclear strikes during the Third World War. Miami, however, faced almost certain doom when decreased ionization in the Ozone layer begun the systematic melting of the Polar Ice Caps. Miami was ultimately saved by Science Men whom created a system of levees and canals that drained and saved most of the lands contained therein.

Untitled-1.jpgThe region is looked after by the Dade Board, a private bureaucratic institution that was formed soon after Miami’s economic collapse destabilized the region as a consequence of The Rapture. The Dade Board is currently headed by Scott Wynndsworth.

Miami has a unique history with its Science Men, choosing to spare them from the “Cull of Knowledge Seekers”, the worldwide witch hunt of scholars after the CERNs Shame in exchange for guaranteeing the upkeep and maintenance of the Everglades Levees. These Science Men formed The Panther Institute and dedicated their resources partly to knowledge-keeping on the terms of discontinuing all Research and Development in accord with solidarity for the CERN’s Shame.

The Metro-Dade area is supplied power by the Mockingbird Nuclear Plant, a Fast Neutron Reactor. The plant was built after the 2042 Anthrax Contamination Event slowly spread spores around Turkey Point, the prior facility. The facility uses neighboring areas as a dumping ground for toxic wastes and nuclear emissions deemed acceptable by the Dade Board.

Metro-Dade contains 10 metropolitan incorporations, Concrete Beach, The Panther Institute, New Cutler, Deluge, Wyndedge, Rize, El Fuego, Iron Biscayne and Guanabacoa Industries. Coral Ruin is a former zone of the sprawl that was destroyed when a regiment of Mikkoetshay Indians laid siege to Metro-Dade. The territory was deemed unlivable due to the untriggered detonation devices and poison traps littered about the area.


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