Alex "Shift" Vaughn

A cyborg elf too smart for her own good


Shift was always a self obsessed individual, always seeking to improve her technomagical abilities. During the day she can be found experimenting on new spells and tech. Her shop “Teknomagix” acts as her base of operations as well as her extra source of income on the side. On the surface she is just another elf trying to make a living in the dystopic metropolis of Metro Dade. Under the facade is an elf cyborg with a knack for technomancy, using both tech and magic together to keep herself alive and going forward. During the last few years she acquired by chance a broken down Spyder Class drone, which she repurposed and reprogrammed and called Skids. More than just another drone, she has created an inseparable bond with it. Referring to it as her best friend and most trusted companion, often putting the drone’s safety above her own. One night during a job, she was caught hijacking [REDACTED]‘s central computer system for her fixer’s contact. The fixer was fed information that was manufactured to result in failure. This led in both her fixer and herself serving time in [REDACTED]‘s Federal Prison. During her time she was suppressed in a high security cell, and day by day she could feel the magic ripped from her. It was by chance that a breach in the prison’s systems allowed for her to escape before she was left without any magical ability. On the outside Shift found out that her slate had been wiped clean, it was almost as if the job never happened. Even a few thousand bits were transferred onto her wallet, with Skids and her forearm augment returned to her intact. Someone clearly took an interest in her, but to this day she still hasn’t figured out just who could have pulled it off. Things went back to normal, Teknomagix reopened and she continued to take odd jobs here and there from different fixers this time around. Shift even created a new AI for Skids and integrated it into her high tech forearm augmentation. Things were going good but it was time she found a crew, people to help watch her back from time to time.

//////[REDACTED] Federal Prison Log//////
//////Prisoner: Alex Vaughn//////
//////Prisoner ID: 6558759//////
//////Height: 5’9//////
//////Weight: 180//////
//////Race: Elf//////
//////Threat Level: Class 3 Technomancer//////
//////Incarceration Parameters: HIGH SEC SUPPRESSION CHAMBER//////
//////Convicted for: [REDACTED]//////
//////END LOG//////
//////[REDACTED] Federal Prison Log//////
//////Prisoner Interview//////
//////Prisoner: Alex Vaughn//////
//////Prisoner ID: 6558759//////
//////[REDACTED]: What were you doing hacking into [REDACTED]‘s central computer?//////
//////[REDACTED]: Answer the question elf.//////
//////Prisoner: It was a job, it was good money.//////
//////[REDACTED]: Who hired you?//////
//////Prisoner: (Elvish Cursing)//////
//////[REDACTED]: I don’t fucking speak that language. You can speak common so speak fucking common elf.//////
//////[REDACTED] Now I’m going to ask you again. Who the fuck hired you!//////
//////Prisoner: (Spits)//////
//////[REDACTED]: Alright cut the feed.//////
//////Prison Official: We can’t do that it’s against the…//////
//////[REDACTED]: I don’t give a fuck about your god damn prison rules, cut the god damn feed now!//////
//////Prisoner: (Laughing)//////
//////END LOG//////


Alex "Shift" Vaughn

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