Third World War

The Third World War was a massive scale nuclear war that forever changed Earth’s landscape in 2051. The war was instigated by Russia when NATO blocked passage of the Strait of Gibraltar to Russia in early 2050. When NATO refused to back down from Russia’s flotilla, the Russians launched a nuclear torpedo into a British “RED Destroyer” class ship. Once confirmation of nuclear detonation was confirmed, the world stood still as detonations tinted the sky blood red.

Prior to the Gibraltar Incident, the entire nuclear arsenal of the world was decimated during peace initiatives in the 2020s. Few Nations other than the U.S. still kept warheads, and those that did kept them in extremely clandestine locations.
Many of the Nuclear Warheads launched around the world were detonated in the air prematurely thanks to “skyshield” technologies, but this did not stop several dozen nuclear payloads from making landfall. The cities of New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, Washington D.C., Kiev were totally leveled. The rest of the world saw scars on the earth in the form of “Nuclear Pockets,” naturally occurring concentrations of nuclear fallout carried by winds or ocean currents. Millions were displaced in the process. In late 2051, the remaining governments of the world agreed to a peace treaty and weapon of mass destruction ban.

An unforeseen consequence of Nuclear War was the deionization of Ozone layer caused by atmospheric nuclear detonations. The rays of the sun wreaked havoc on the polar ice caps and melted them at an alarming pace. With global warming effectively accelerated, low-lying coastal areas sunk in the span of weeks. Millions of displaced people are unable to get reasonable help as the War was extremely damaging to the world economy. Hundreds of Thousands die around the world in emergency camps of starvation and thirst.

Vying for safety and power, NATO commissions a clandestine operation to CERN. This search for destructive power free of nuclear fallout was the beginnings of the speech dubbed CERNs Shame that was delivered after The Rapture.

Third World War

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